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ToDo List is a very full-featured "to-do" list manager that supports multiple documents, recorded reminders, speech output, etc. The application is fully scriptable, can synchronize with the Newton PDA, includes a calendar, can automatically build lists of the web sites you visit, etc.


Features at a glance

  • PPC native or 68K
  • Fully compatible with MacOS 7.1 - 9.1
  • Works great on MacOS X 10.x in Classic mode!
  • Audio recording/playback
  • Speech Manager
  • Completely scriptable
  • Import/Export ascii files or HTML
  • Sync with Newton MessagePad
  • Full Drag and Drop support
  • Calendar display (two sizes)
  • Can automatically generate history lists from your favorite browser
  • Balloon Help
  • Intuitive design
  • Multiple open docs
  • Easily configured
  • Option to remember open docs
  • Priority items
  • Items with or without dates
  • Carry forward option
  • Auto-Save option
  • Apple Guide
  • Small memory requirement

Download ToDo List

ToDo List 2.2.2 is now available! You can download a fully-functional copy from the following locations:



Note: If StuffIt Expander complains that a .bin or .sit file is corrupt, you likely need to update to version 5.5.

You can register on-line for ToDo List using Kagi Payment Processing. You can also register via their secure server. Using the Register application that comes with ToDo List, you can also register by email, fax, phone or regular mail.

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